Make your brand stand out from the rest. Mores provides you professional and creative commercial photography and videography services at affordable rates.

Commercial photography and videography refers to shooting and creating photos, videos for commercial purpose. It’s a sales driven approach. It encompasses capturing photos and videos of products, services and celebrity individuals to publish in newspapers or magazines and for promotion, awareness and drive sales action of products and services.

Visual content attracts 95% more traffic

The first ever thing that connects your ideal customers and your products is the products looks. Your product needs to be eye appealing. Its texture and shape define the way it will be used by your customers. Photography is the new way to promote and sell your products. A well-shot photograph can manage to procure potential traffic and awareness. To make your customers well acquainted and feel connected to your products, its important showcase to high-quality photography and videography.

At Mores, we believe that, “Photography enhances & empowers your product’s visual communication.” (We are design studio) (Creative studio) Mores consists creative and professional team of photographers and videographers. Our team works for both small-scale and large-scale projects. In studio or outdoors, we efficiently manage the lights and other important factors to give the desired effect to the product. We capture the essence and genuineness of the product’s quality. Our biggest purpose with artful photography and videography is to entice and attract your audience. The viewers should feel the spontaneous connection in the first look. We create compelling visual images and videos that signify about the product to your target audience.

Mores offers every kind of Commercial Photography. Until now, we have captured 5000+ shots ranging to and fro in every industry. The types of commercial photography and videography services we offer are:

1) Food:

Food love is the sincerest of all the other love. Creatively captured photos or videos of foods, foods products or any special meal get viral really very soon. We capture your cuisine and menu in such a manner that it makes the viewers lick the viewing medium. We epitomize your food product in the most appetizing manner.

2) Architecture:

We take captivating images and videos of homes, restaurant or any space. Architectural Photography is beneficial for real-estate and home builders industry. Through our techniques and skills, we are experienced in capturing the true ambience of a space.

3) Jewelry:

The jewelry industry has been rapidly investing in Commercial Photography and videography. The shots of exquisite and fine jewelry is bound to mesmerize your customer’s heart. The true essence of gold, diamonds and gemstones is highlighted in every picture. Commercial Photography has been found to be very beneficial for Jewelry brands.

4) Portrait:

Our Portrait photography services are for high-end individuals. Celebrities from industries like entertainment, sports and other can get their professional portfolio designed by us. Individuals emerging or who want to build themselves as a brand in their respective field, can also get their portfolio designed by us.

5) Automobile:

Our automobile photography services aim to showcase the subject’s prominent features and benefits. In-house and outdoors shoot of automobile products are conducted.

6) Other Products:

We also provide photography and videography services for many other products such as sports equipment, gym equipment, furniture, pets and animals, electronics and many more.

The advantages of addressing Mores as your commercial photographer and videographer are:

  • The team for sessions is highly creative & professional.
  • Best equipment for both photography and videography
  • High Resolution Photos and videos.
  • Photography and videography services at affordable rates than current market rates.
  • Photography and Videography sessions are conducted in-house or studio as well as outdoor.
  • It’s shot in various, creative types of backdrops.
  • In our commercial photography & videography session, the entire photo-shoot is devoted to the product being photographed.
  • Commercial photography and videography can be used for any advertising strategies. Some of them are noted below.

    1. Websites & Blogs (Link to Website development page)
    2. Social Media (Link to digital marketing page)
    3. Online and offline adverts
    4. Brochures & Pamphlets
    5. Catalogues
    6. Banners
    7. Posters
    8. Hoardings and billboards
    9. Magazines
    10. Newspapers