Mores Provides digital marketing consulting to small and medium sized enterprise. We reconcile the hiatus between brand and customers.

As digital is getting ubiquitous, it is now important than ever to not only switch your marketing plans to Digital media but also strategically plan and execute them to drive profitable results.

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Businesses have now started to recognize the power of digital media and how it can hack their growth. Advertising on digital media will not only help you to create awareness and reach audience but its guaranteed to bring you sales. Digital Marketing is definite to grow your sales faster.

But the very thing that all digital marketing needs is ‘Strategized Implementation’.

Everything in Marketing whether its traditional or digital, focuses only on ‘Customers’. Every message that you pass on through marketing medium should inspire, engage and influence your audience. Even a simple post on social media needs to be strategized, so that your followers connect to it and share in their social networks, which will eventually broaden your reach and customer engagement. Just like you are concerned about your audience, search engines and social media websites care for their users. Their algorithms change almost every day to give their users the flawless answer for what they are searching.

And to be the ideal information or product or service supplier, you need to take concentrated actions. Awareness, reach, engagement and sales will all definitely drive in, if your every step is strategized.

We know that strategizing requires lots of patience as you need to consider past performances, trends and other industrial activities. That’s just why and when you need Mores.

We help you to analyse your marketing plans reflectively to design and execute future strategies. If your current digital marketing plan is lacking to drive results, we can definitely help you to spot its loop holes. Basically, if you have or have not opted to digital marketing, we can give you a helping hand.

We provide Consulting in search engine optimization, content marketing, digital advertising, local SEO services, Online reputation management, web design and development, social media marketing, email marketing and many other tools of Online Marketing. Our experience helps us to bestow you with qualified results. Our guidance will aid your business to operate, grow and sustain smoothly.

A prolific digital stratagem is processed through research and analysis, strategy, application and conversion.

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Research and Analysis

Research and analysis is the root for fruitful conversion. We perform research on current industry trends, competitor methodologies and past marketing approaches and results. Industry trends make us realize what your customer are currently engaged in, whereas, research on competitor methodologies help us analyse their tactics to meet the customers needs. Past marketing approaches aid in acknowledging, customers perception about the brand and what triggered them to engage and convert.

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Research and analysis help us to get clear ideas of audience’ persona and behaviour, which ultimately help us to strategize a productive plan. In strategizing, we efficiently define through which medium we will target the audience. It helps us to derive the context of marketing message. The strategizing step will comprehensively describe audience, targeting mediums and ROI from every medium.

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After thorough research, analysis and strategizing its time to apply all the plans. Each of the applications are executed by qualified team. Integrate content on different mediums through respective contexts. Carefully and effectively publish paid campaigns on Google Ads, social media and other paid media.

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The most important step in entire process is conversion. Planning and analysis, everything to drive sales. We define conversions by measurable KPIs (Key Performance indicators). KPIs help us provide essentials such as ROI, spent, reach and audience engagement. We constantly monitor and optimise ads and other promotional activities to drive in desired results.

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Productive consulting advantages
Each and every step in the process is determined to provide and prove productive consulting. Addressing to Mores for digital marketing consulting, you can expect many benefits that are assured to last for a long term.

  • Qualified customer credibility.
  • Updated about industry trends.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Cost Reduction.
  • A clear idea about company and sales progress.
  • Acknowledge your brands powers and weaknesses.
  • Improved effectiveness and results due to knowledgeable actions.
  • Creative changes.
  • Enhanced and quick customer services with automated tools.
  • Profound knowledge of customer behaviour and insights.
  • And above all of them, you will be guided by an expert in your every customer related activity.