Content Marketing

‘Content is King’, heard a lot about it! It’s time to use it for your brand. Mores can be your ideal content marketing agency, for fruitful and rewarding customer gaining and retention.

Content Marketing is the strategic process of creating, strategizing and distributing information that is relevant and valuable for the end user. When consistently applied, this technique helps in gaining new prospects, retaining the current ones and ultimately connecting more and more people to the brand.

At Mores, we believe that content first of all needs to give value. Whether it’s of informative value, entertaining value, inspirational value, emotionally connecting value or sparking conversation value, it should be valuable. It should enhance of change your audience’s lifestyle in an effective way. They should feel the connection that their most exhausting problems are solved by your product.

Content marketing is not an event, it’s a process. It’s for a long-term relationship with customers lifestyle, as we continually and regularly share useful information to target audience.

Apart from quality conversions, here are some other benefits that Content Marketing brings with itself:
  • Expansion of customer base
  • Referrals (Word of Mouth)
  • Increased Brand Awareness and Reputation
  • Excel on all digital media platforms such as search engines, social media and others.
  • Maintained traffic
  • Trust of users
  • Brand Credibility
  • Expert in Industry
  • Cost-effective (Improved Return on Investment {ROI})
  • Customer look for your content for expert advice.
  • Nurtures strong customer relationships.

Content Marketing is one of the most mighty tool in Marketing. Online or Offline, Content Marketing always wins. Now-a-days most brands, big or small have started using content marketing for their brand awareness, engagement and sales. Even you can increase your exposure in your target market through Content Marketing. Through content marketing your brand can excel on each of the digital marketing platform.

  • As you share relevant content with necessary keywords, you can rank high.
  • Continuous traffic to websites and videos.
  • Attract Social media awareness, engagement and followers.
  • Customers quickly pass through purchase funnel with email marketing.

Mores assures you Value for each and every content piece shared out in the market. There are three steps to a full-proof content marketing strategy that Mores (Link to Contact us) follows. Though they are divided in three steps each of them carries a different and important significance in content marketing funnel. They are:

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Content Distribution

1. Content Strategy : Content strategy is derived by what are your end needs. Whether you need awareness, engagement or sales of which product or services. Thereafter an audience is carved from the discussion. The audience’ persona, behaviour and essentials are thoroughly researched and studied to bring out an exceptional content strategy. By strategizing content, we can envision the whole process of driving our desired results. Through effective content strategy, we are able to provide your with high-points of Content, What will content stress on, when it will be curated, platforms we will cover for distribution, so that it reaches the right person and responsible examination at each and every step of distribution.

The most important view that Content strategy clears is:
a) Audience Persona
b) Uniqueness of Brand
c) Solution for customers

2. Content Creation : The next task after strategizing content for campaign is to create it. Content creation is crucial, as we decide WHAT message and HOW we will be using to connect with our target audience. That means, we are now starting to shape your content marketing campaign. The ideal content for any campaign includes a lot of research and analysis (Link to research and analysis page) about past campaign records, industry trends, competitor research, target audience behaviour, keywords research, brand’s reviews and many others. At Mores, we follow a certain process to fashion a creative piece of content for any type of campaign.

  • Industry Trends : Industry trends are important to know what your industry is currently talking about. It gives us a compelling idea of what major and minor problems industry is facing.
  • Competitor Research : Just as industry research, through competitors research we get to know positives about your product and expectations that your competitors cant meet. We also dig out your competitors marketing plans and what story they are sharing, to land you and your customers a never-before experience.
  • Past Campaign Records : Your brands past campaign give us a blueprint, what type of content your target audience likes and doesn’t agrees with!
  • Target Audience Behaviour : Through technology and modernization, your target audience behaviours change. With every campaign we need to, newly analyse their lifestyle and behaviour.
  • Keywords Research : Through Keyword research, we get to know what your audience is actually finding in a product from your industry. What words and phrases they are typing in to include your in your campaign, so that its easy for SEO and social media to find it.

Through this process our content team carves out an content copy for your campaign.

By strategizing and curation of content for your campaign, we then decide about Context for your content. Usually the context is decided through audience persona and their preferred platform. An important way of analysing context for content marketing is past campaign performances. Where and which type of content your audience engaged with?

If the Content is King, Context is God. - Gary Vee

We offer the following Contexts (types) of Content Marketing:

  • Blogs
  • Graphics
  • Social Media Posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Templates / Brochures / Banner
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars / Live streaming
  • Email Marketing
  • Messenger Marketing
  • Stories
  • SlideShare (Slides)
  • Reviews
  • Quizzes
  • E-Books / PDFs

3. Content Distribution : Content strategizing and creation bring us to its distribution. It’s now time to share and promote your masterpiece content out in the world through various online mediums according to their context.

Content Marketing strongly depends on content distribution. Its going to ensure how much its pays off. The content is distributed in relevant contexts of media. The content distribution media is mainly categorized in three types:

1). Owned Media : Owned Media is a space completely in our control. Websites, blogs, social media accounts and our Newsletter Subscribers List. Here we can customize user-experience as we want. Its free of cost.

2). Earned Media : Earned Media is the space that we earn through other expert blogs and other websites sharing new things and trends of industry. It strengthens our SEO as well build trustworthiness of viewers in us.

3). Paid media : Paid media is the placement that we pay for. Every aspect of digital marketing such as PPC, social media ads, SEM, retargeting etc.

By opting for this refined process of content marketing for your brand, you can skyrocket your brand’s performance in every arena of customer satisfaction, sales, awareness and credibility.