Digital Marketing
Mores is one of the best Digital Marketing agency. Mores helps you to leverage Digital mediums such as Search Engines, social media, emails, other website and online tools for marketing and advertising.

Businesses are always looking ways to market their products. Since the evolution of Internet activities such as social media, search engines and websites, traditional marketing has been losing its pace. Half of the world now relies on their smartphone for almost everything. When half of the world is using internet you can’t afford to miss out such an efficient tool of online marketing, commonly addressed as

We offer Following services In Digital Marketing:
Digital Marketing refers to advertising and promotion of one’s products through electronic medium. It is the most productive tool to create your tailored community of prospects and Branding.
Skyrocket your product's ranking
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means optimizing your product’ website to appear organically (unpaid) on SERPs (search engine result pages) through keywords, content and many other factors. We can increase your organic visibility by making your website completely user-friendly. User-friendly in terms of keyword optimized content, website structure for PCs as well as mobile, product landing page and especially home page. Search engines rank website in relevance of user’s digital behaviour, browsing history, precise location and keywords they type in. Search engines constantly change their algorithms to improve user experience. Keeping this mind, we strive to create your website’s content for your end-user. Thoroughly informative and user-friendly. Search engine optimisation mainly consists of three major aspects: a) On-page SEO b) Off-page SEO c) Technical SEO

a) On-page SEO : On-page SEO means using your website to grow online visibility by optimizing keywords, content, title and meta-description. Add a clear call-to-action to drive desired conversion at the end of article or page. Website’ content, title and meta-descriptions are made up of keywords. Profound research and analysis (link to research and analysis page) of your prospects and competitors.

b) Off-page SEO : Off-page SEO are actions we take outside of our website to boost SEO. Sharing your content on other digital mediums to increase awareness and engagement. Social media sharing, other niche websites & link building. Link building is one of the powerful ways of improving ranking on SERPs.

c) Technical SEO : Technical SEO refers to the backend development and design of the websites. Its codes, images optimisations and Alt texts, and CSS file optimisation, all factors that sum to websites website’ speed loading.

Social Media Marketing

According to statistics, there are 3.499 billion ACTIVE users of social media. There’s no doubt your potential customers won’t be there. Mores can help you leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others to build your Brand. You can increase your traffic, brand awareness, reputation management , generate sales and leads and most importantly create your customers’ community by the most important ‘Follow’ tool of major social media platforms.

Mores follows a certain process for effective brand communication between your community and you called as ‘Active process’.

  • Creation and discussion of strategized branding calendar.
  • Posting regular updates related to products, trending news and events.
  • Create a community through contests and promotions
  • Be part of the global trending conversations through updates.
  • Daily monitoring of activities such as messages, follows and other promotions.
  • Seeding into local groups and industry related groups.
  • Using social media marketing your brand can procure reach by sharing quality content. Content on social media needs to be engaging, which means it needs to informative or entertaining and should necessarily drive through an emotional angle. Emotions connects quickly with people, and we can help you with that.

    Social media reviews are also very effective in your customers decision. As social media is an easy tool to access anytime, there are possibilities of negative reviews. We help you to cope with these negative comments and reviews in a positive ways. We are proficient in creating and maintaining your online reputation.

    Paid Advertising

    Paid advertising on online mediums is an easy way to drive your product directly into your customer’s eyes. By paying to these online marketing platforms you can drive impressions, video views, create awareness, reach, generate leads and convert sales.

    Mores carries out smooth Paid advertising campaigns by imparting content strategy and creation, targeted audience module, active monitoring of costs and gives you a complete report of cost and ROI. Paid Advertising on search engines and social media is highly cost-effective. We are highly results-driven in terms of Paid Advertising.

    Paid advertising consists Search Engine Marketing, Social Media - Paid promotions, email marketing and remarketing.

    a) Engine Marketing (SEM): Search engine marketing means obtaining traffic to your websites or landing pages by paying for it. Google ads are the most used platform for SEM, followed by Bing Ads. By paying to search engines you can save your website a top spot on SERPs. You only pay when your ad is clicked, viewed, gains subscriber or leads. Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay on Impression (POI) are most commonly addressed in paid advertising. Keywords and phrases are primary functioning aspects of Search Engine Ads. You can easily target your prospect based

    You can create ads for Search, display and YouTube networks.

    i) Search Network : The ad you create for search networks mainly contains text and links to your website and product landing page. You need to have strong conversation with your visitor on the page that will eventually drive conversion in the call-to-action at the end. You can choose to pay on clicks or impressions, according to your strategy.

    ii) Display Network : Ads in Display Networks are displayed on collection of websites, group of blogs and YouTube, altogether on google partner sites. It is a great tool to connect your brand with Graphical display across the internet.

    iii) YouTube Networks : YouTube network Ads are basically designed for Videos. We can advertise our brand’s videos across YouTube by choosing custom audience and many other demographics. There many formats available for video ads. We pay according to our budget on every view we gain.

    iv) Shopping Ads : Shopping Ads appear on top of SERPs, when user type in keywords. They are highly effective in creating direct sales.

    b) Social Media - Paid Promotions: Social Media is probably the place where your target audience might be hanging out, half of their time. This makes it a crucial tool for powerful branding strategy and implementation. Though they are cost-effective you need hands-on experience like us, for successfully managing and leveraging social media platforms. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others offer varied format of ads for targeted advertising. We can narrow down audience according to demographics and other behaviours on each of them.

    We follow a certain process to efficiently produce desired results:

    i) Desired Result : We first communicate the desired results with you. We need to know what you expect from certain campaign.

    ii) Content Creation and Strategy : According to your desired results, we with our team of experts plan and curate special content and strategy taking your target audience and current trends into consideration. We then share it with you and make necessary changes if you need.

    iii) Execution : Promotional activities are then executed by creating ads on social media platforms. Campaign is selected, audience is narrowed through detailed behavioural and demographics targeting, budget is set and ads are created.

    iv) Monitoring : Daily Monitoring of ads are done to insure continuous and effective cost flow. Necessary changes are applied in case of any issue.

    v) Reporting : You are reported about each and every development. In case of lead generation and other sales campaign, the data is passed on to you through emails.

    c) Email Marketing : Email is the best tool for direct communication to your customers. As you converse directly to your audience it helps you to build awareness, loyalty and trust. Email convert early and better. Email marketing has an average ROI of 4400%. People check their emails on a daily basis, so it’s necessary to utilise it. But to do email marketing you first need Email-IDs of your targeted audience. You can collect emails through targeted campaigns but they don’t last for long terms. To gain a long term and genuine follower your website need to publish informative and thorough content. On the contrary, Google’s Gmail ads is a great way to get into your audience’ inbox. Mores helps you design your website’ pages in such a way that they impart knowledge and bring conversions. Organic subscribers are usually interested in your product/services and are more likely to convert in buyers. Email Marketing Campaigns don’t just work only with email subscribers list. You need to design your emails in a way that they provoke purchase. Though there are various tools to design your mails but perfect strategy, content and design are necessary for that perfect email.

    d) Remarketing : Your prospects sometimes just view your website, take details about products and leave without purchase. Remarketing is a way to remind them again of great deal about your products. We can help you remarket to your website and application visitors and previous customers. Remarketing ads follow your customers on search engines, websites, social media and applications. Others

    Other medium to advertise your product on Digital Mediums are indirect. They include affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and Native Marketing.


    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is just like sales team generating sales on the field, and this happens over the internet. For most high traffic websites, affiliate marketing is also a way to generate revenue.

    High traffic and other e-commerce portals offer a great deal for affiliates. Affiliate marketing is costly than other paid advertising options but risks are limited as we only pay for conversions.

    Managing your products’ inventory regularly can be a brainstorming task. We can help you to utilise it to its best.


    Influencer Marketing

    The emergence and development of internet, search engines and especially social media has produced experts or influencers in every field that too in large quantity. They become an influencer by regularly publishing content, motivating their followers and running contests and general Q & A to increase engagement.

    Their followers are so obsessed with them, that they try to follow their habits, behaviours and gradually their products. By choosing such an influencer, you can pay him to publish a post about your product, you can gain trust and loyalty of their ready-made audience.


    Native Marketing

    Native ads are paid ads that are streamlined by publishers(search engines and social media) in the same content environment that users are already viewing. Through Native Marketing we can reach like-minded targeted users easily. Native may or may not always show the ‘sponsored’ or ‘powered’ signals.

    It usually stands out as ‘Suggested’ or ‘you would also like’.

    Content creation and strategizing of native ads is almost similar to other ad forms.