Website and Application Development

Mores offers you comprehensive Website and Mobile App services to make your end consumer connect better with your information, engage in your product and to ultimately drive profitable results.

To deliver audience an unforgettable experience Website and App development basically include a lot of jumbling of codes on the backend. What the viewer will experience and feel on the front-end majorly depends on the backend work. Mores comprises a team of experienced and skilled designers and developers, dedicated to bring out a remarkable outcome.

I) Website

Your brand’s website is your biggest and most powerful influential presence on search engines. Website helps your customer understand your message and internal functioning. It’s a cost-effective method of online media to build credibility among the end consumers. Through direct connect and all time accessibility, your customers can feel the pride of attentive customer service. Through Content and Visual communication layout you can share your beliefs and strike an emotional link.

Mores’ designing package includes everything from production to maintenance. Our recent works are a proof of proficiency.

We develop and design following types of website layout

  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • E-Commerce
  • We deliver architecture of a website that is

  • Unique
  • Responsive
  • Functional
  • We use Quality Content management systems

  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • Magento
  • Website development and design amenities by us give you an assurance of Quality, Security and Customizability.
    Security :

    We guarantee complete security of your website with integration of SSL certification, regularly monitoring and updating, backups, reinforcing passwords, incorporation of website security tools and other backend kits to insure security of content and brand.

    Theme :

    We follow a themed view for website. The Website’ core elements contain brand color palette radiating strong and commanding environment. We adequately include white spaces to assure assorted and pleasant viewing experience. A clean backend coding system ensures fast loading times of websites. UI and UX of the website follow the theme.

    Content :

    The information and matter that we publish on website are always thorough and to the point. Users will be bound to get complete solution or a new idea about products and services in your niche. The content features our values of customer service and quality.

    Visual content :

    Customers engage more with visual content and certainly remember the imagery when looking out for more information. Mores stacks up your website with informative, high-quality, commanding and appealing graphics, photos and videos to gain viewer credibility. This ensures customer retention for every time they search for opinions and information on the subject.

    Customization :

    Your website communicates your company language. In order for to maximize its connection point to customers you need your personalization points. With Mores, you get to do so. You can customize fine elements such as icons and incorporate your inputs. We give complete customization liberty with UI and UX of website.

    Device Friendly :

    World is full of speedy and commute convenient devices such as smartphones, tablets and uninterrupted Internet service. With 60% of those surfing on Smartphones, tablets your website need to be effectively optimized for these devices. To make your information easily available and navigable, we develop your website compatible on different device views. We also assure their reading view.

    Search Engine Friendly :

    Website is ultimately designed to entertain, engage, inform and inspire the end user. But you need to reach them. We help you to reach your audience. We constructively optimize your website through On-Page and technical SEO. Maximize their efficiency through link building, internal linking and many others on page SEO elements. In technical take of optimization the backend codes are clearly constructed.

    Web and App Development
    Superlative level, Website and Mobile Application design & development

    Mores is able to serve all the essential requirements of world-class website and mobile application. Choose your features and we will design the ideal user-friendly architecture of your product’s website and mobile application from general static, dynamic layout with some CTA features and a full-fledged E-Commerce. We have in-house team of web designer, front-end web developers and mobile application developers.

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    II) Mobile App development

    Mobile App development

    Organizations sometimes perceive Mobile Apps as a secondary and not-so important medium of electronic connectivity. But the irony, Opting for application with website has been proven to be productive for organizations. Even you can benefit from a portable application. Just contact us.

    Mobile apps are mostly loved for their instant connection. Mobile apps help you to stay connected to your audiences with notifications. They no more have to wait to load their desirable page of information. An incredible way to direct communication. An unbelievable rise in engagement rate. It increases interaction rate and reduces cost. An agile app delivers more value to customers. If strategized appropriately mobile apps can be a boon and would be able to direct sales and audience retention.

    Users tend to connect with familiar content. We create personalized content for users for immersive experience.

    As majority of the world is acquainted to Android and iOS, we design and develop apps for them. We assure an innovative and pleasing experience for your users.

    We design both Android and iOS application that are compatible on respective Mobile, desktop PCs and tablets.

    iOS and Android Mobile application Development
    1) Android

    Android is a mobile operating system which is used by many handset manufacturers. Its known as Google play store in smartphones. It biggest benefit is that it is open source. Android SDK is open source which means that it is freely available for modification and expansion in a larger community that ultimately makes cheaper for development and incorporation. Having one of the largest smartphone users, its easy to connect with larger and native audience. Android apps easily adapt to devices. They tend adapt the device’s screens. It also allows to use infinite number of features. Android apps are easy to use. It is better option for SMEs.

    2) iOS

    iOS is a mobile operating system that only operates in iPhones. iOS is considered as a premium approach. iPhones are used by certain slice of society. The most important advantage of iOS is Security. Users know that iPhone protects its sensitive data and usually go by iOS. It saves their payment methods carefully and asks for permission every time. iOS are loved for their minimal and clear features which makes them better option for pleasing customer experience. Customers using iPhone are adapted to their environment and don’t hesitate to use app store more often. This also helps to create valued customer credibility. Audience start trusting the brand. iPhone apps are to be high quality and revenue generating for businesses.

    We offer following services in iOS and android app development:

    1. UX/UI Design
    2. App Programming
    3. Native App Development
    4. Widget Development
    5. App Redesigning
    6. App Testing
    7. Support & Maintenance